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Monday, 7 August 2017

"Your style guide", let us see what we can learn today.

Hello everybody

I am a regular reader of old comics, as all of you must have figured out, by all those Sunday Love Stories I have posted over the years. 
On some rare Sundays, I have given you bits and pieces of articles that came along, in those comics. Mostly, they concern our marriage capacity and the beauty themes (nothing wrong with being married and/or beautiful!). Since our standards tend to change in time, I would like us to give this little article a look. It comes from "Love at first sight" comic book, issue number 035, that came out in June 1955.

....set - go:


As with every single thing we get from those days that gone by, there are some good things, and some things I find a bit out-dated.
Number One: I absolutely agree on the eyebrow-agenda. Nothing frames face and makes features better than a well-styled pair of brows. Note, I wrote "well styled" - since, I have seen quite a number of non-proportional and out-of-place tattooed brows, done by people who (I'd suppose) do not really bother with achieving overall harmony in their client's faces. Personally, I have been lacking brows both in length and in composition - and I prefer having mine gently filled in with a pencil. (FINE! I'll admit it: there are days when I purposely make my brows RED, to make more impact)
Number Two: our voices make us or break us. I'd like to be able to have a strong argument against it, however I am a witness to the truthfulness of that statement. Toning down, in my case, would only be possible if I was trying to achieve "monster voice" or better say "deep throat"- but that is the case when I'm speaking my natural language (I have much softer voice in English, you know?)  :)

I would like you to join the discussion.
What do you think?
Something to add? Something to subtract? Are you following some age-old rule?

Do write all about it.


  1. Yes, I've been noticing how important eyebrows are. One of my SILs always looks tired and washed out even though she has dark hair and eyes. One day it hit me that her eyebrows are practically nonexistent as they've grown sparser and lighter over the years.

    I'm getting thick white hairs in my eyebrows that eyebrow pencil won't cover so I am going to dye them.

    My whole life I've been told to speak up as I tend to speak too softly at times.

    1. You've got the point, Dawn!
      Brows seem to be THE feature to look after. They change the face in the nicest way, if treated properly. I've got nothing against dying of the brows, as long as the color suits the face.


  2. My eyebrows don't grow properly. I've taken to painting them in after seeing some photos I had done for work - I looked like I didn't have any at all, and my face looked 'unfinished'. There is a fashion in the UK for VERY heavy painted brows, though ('Scouse brows') and I think people will look back on photos of those and think 'Oh, what were we thinking?!'

    I have a high-pitched voice and I don't care! It's the way I am. If other people don't like it, they can talk to someone else...

    1. Oh, yes, Scouse Brows. We have a similar thing here in the USA called Chola brows. They can be thick like Scouse brows but are usually skinny brows that look like they were drawn on with a black Sharpie with all sorts of crazy exaggerated arches and winged ends.

    2. My ladies,
      We all agree that seeing the "before" and "after" some brow-work makes magnificent impact. I am one to agree on that, surely.
      Like Mim said, I too have been a witness of some huge brows that take one's face a prisoner. I don't find it lovely, and ever though eyebrows are one of key features, they can also be that one "over the top" thing, right?