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Thursday, 10 August 2017

Neue Mode magazine - August 1960

Hello Everybody

Shoot - it's Thursday!  :)

I had to leave you with no comments under pictures, because it would take me more time than I have to make them.. and it would be some time Friday that I would publish.. so, there we have it: a mute post. :D


  1. What lovely looks! I think normal, everyday life must've been so much prettier when women dressed in feminine and colorful outfits.

    The men were better dressed, too. And I'm not even talking business suits. Nice well-fitting pants and polo shirt or button-up shirt for casual wear vs. today's ratty jeans and rude t-shirts or baggy long shorts with a baggy sports team jersey.

    Even a trip to the supermarket would be cheerier compared to today when you mostly see drab colors and unisex clothing.

  2. Clearly big, square collars were in in 1960. Those first too dresses look like the fabric is very thick - too warm for August, surely? Certainly too warm for *your* August.