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Saturday, 31 October 2015

Points of beauty, or points of vanity?!

Hello everybody

Ladies, have you ever considered the power of makeup? Has your makeup-box ever looked like a magician's suitcase to you? Because, come to think of it - it does to me.
Many words were written on makeup. Many great words. However, there are still some accusations coming our way, when wearing makeup. First word that comes to my mind is "a fake". The fact that I prefer having shaped-up brows and bright red lips, for some folk, is wrong, adulterating and fake. 
I'm sure many of you have came by these comments.
Best way to deal with it is to keep your head up, and smile with those red lips! :)

While you are preparing for your Halloween/All saints day
here's an article that glorifies makeup
and there just might be some inspiration on 
gaining the true-to-era look:


It's not vanity,
it's the way we are:

I feel better when "all done up" :)

What say you?
Is wearing makeup something like "faking it"?
Have a great Saturday.. and a great candy-hunt! :)

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

BURDA Wednesday: July 1958, part III

Hello everybody

Having a feeling of a hot summer day in the middle of foggy autumn morning? That is possible when you have a good imagination and some inspiration - like some pages from our favorite Burda magazine, for example.

Sit back, my dear friends
and let's inhale some summer heat:

Typing.. So easy, a child can do it. 

"Embarrassments under the summer sun"
another article that is great, I'm sure of it,
but I can not read that much German

Exclusive model:
Interesting shape, good color pattern and versatile use.

Something fishy?
Don't mind if I do. :)

Checkered cake looks absolutely
desert-like... but it's a savory one! :)

Tips and tricks of the day.

Today's Burda has a lot of advertisements,
non the less - it's a sociological study of women's lives
and therefore I treasure it.

Check out the baby-clothes.. 

Big bum and big bust?
Not a big problem - take a look at this dress!

"Why does she not?!" - the eternal question
in tampon ads.

How to make a perfect collar.

Smell divine.
..or just don't smell sweaty. :)

Something bold and bright to end things with.

After being asked many times about the well-being of the puppy I've rescued few month back; I started getting the picture that some of you fear that the puppy is no more. Rest assured, my dear friends, not only is Šarka still alive and breathing, she's getting rather.. grand!


Take a look for yourselves:

I can't believe she was EVER this tiny.

Have a great Wednesday.

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Love Story: Dangerous Deception

Hello everybody.

This Sunday's story is a Tale with the Message. This story, I'm sure of it' is written to warn gals back in the day about the perils of self-absorbing behavior. Because nothing is worse than stepping over everyone's toes to reach your own personal goals... and nothing is more lonely than that moment of reaching it, looking around and realizing there's no one to share the joy with.

Take a look at 
what I tried to explain:

In the course of our lives, some of us will encounter such a gal (some of us already have met her, and had the "experience" of being stepped on). If this is to happen, best thing is to let them on their own device. Sounds rather non-friendly.. but, being the one who's toes are a bit sore (so to say), I must admit: there are just some gals who chose not to listen., ever, to anyone. So, best thing to do is, indeed, staying away - and going on with your own life.

Happy Sunday!

Have you moved your clock one hour in reverse? We did.. and well; now we're all a tiny bit lost in time. One can never get used to "saving time" and moving clock back and front.

Saturday, 24 October 2015

Dance lessons with Felix the Cat

Hello everyone

It's a foggy Saturday over here, and there's a strong feeling of winter's arrival in the air.. that got me thinking about forthcoming days and what's it like around the globe.
While most of you are counting the last week before Halloween, over here, we're not carving pumpkins to decorate doorways.. but to make pies - OK, some pumpkins do find their way to front doors, because our folks are slowly absorbing international ways of life. I suppose in a few odd years, we too will have orange lanterns, small skeletons and cure ghosts around our streets.. but so far, it's just the smell of roasted pumpkins that is marking this period of year.

Now, regarding this post:
I have nothing to say in my defense, besides this: what better way to get your blood running, to get your body warmer and to get some much needed physical activity (doctor seem to recommend a great deal of it).. than to dance around your home - with Felix the Cat leading the way?! 

Lose your boundaries at the front door,
you're free to do whatever you want in your home,
take a look at this article... and SHAKE it!

Mind me: wouldn't this be a great costume; for someone who's not afraid to a little bit more, and leave next to nothing to imagination? :) ..and they dare saying that the 1960s were mad-times?! 

I hope you're laughing.. and dancing along with me; because this life of ours is not worth living unless you allow yourself to have FUN.
Enjoy Saturday.


Wednesday, 21 October 2015

BURDA Wednesday: July 1958, part II

Hello everybody

Let me speed this issue up a little bit, and make sure I send it your way before the planned electricity maintenance (that will get half of town dark, cold and off the grid for some 6 hours).

Nothing's cold nor dark
in July 1958, be sure of that:

Everyday wear.
See, this is a good wear for those of us with a bit of a 

Spot the Elvis-like persona in the middle! :)

White sleeveless shirt with a bow
is a great hit.

I know a LOT of you who will love this page
since it features your favorite shape of dress.

Can "red, white and blue"
ever get our of fashion?
I hope not.

Formal, yet lay-back
with lovely stripes in pastel tones.
(look at the bow on bottom right - a marine-looking shape, with a twist!)

Yes, I'll have the red dress, please. 

This dress is a traffic-stopper.
Heck, this dress could stop time.. so amazing.

You are aware these are date dresses?  :)

Youngsters, brace yourselves,
for summer of 1958 has something
completely new for you!

For the first time in ages,
young gals are really looking different than their moms.

Kids on holiday

Adorable little gals!

Never be seen looking anything less that dazzling
Even your apron can be gorgeous.

I like this apron,
it's actually useful AND looking classy

Ending this issue with something we all love:
a moment to relax, enjoy life.. have a sip of our favorite liquid-fun
(whatever it may be!)

Back to aprons (yet again).
I have spotted than less and less women wear them (strangely: more men wear them as time goes on). There is a bit of logic explanation to it: women are, over here, in this age, scared of the clothing item that is apron, due to it's meaning. Most women I know attach wearing apron to housewives. And, it's such a strong feeling, that some of them dread ever a thought of putting one on. As it would instantly, in some magical way, strip them of all their achievements and turn them into "just a housewife" (silly, but I've heard them say it "I can never put on an apron, it makes me feel so.. so like a housewife). 
The truth is quite opposite: an apron is a utility-wear. It's made to protect your other clothing items from "getting the kitchen all over them". Apron is a wear-and-tear sort of thing. It's an armor, actually. It what you put on to protect your achievements, and there's no magic to it (well, OK - there is a bit of magic: my cooking is always better with the apron on)  :)

Have a great day

Monday, 19 October 2015

You might hate it if you do.. but you'll regret it if you don't - a BOB hairstyle

Hello everyone

For some of you (who know me by my Instagram account), this is nothing new.. but to those of you who prefer this little blog of mine, here's news: I've got bang-bang... bangs! 

You remember the movie "5th element"?
Most of my folks over here do, since it ran twice a year for some 10 years on TV :)

No one saw Louise Brooks
(who was my inspiration)  :)


Others, more "worldly" folks
mentioned a certain "kokeshi" doll:

..and some just mentioned mushrooms,
medieval monks and wearing a bucket on my head..


I say I like it.
Back in 1924 issue of "Photoplay" magazine, 
the editors chose to print this article:

I too had that question, and 
I made the choice to get the cut.. and make a serious change.

So, now I look like this
weather it's Mila Jovovich, Kokeshi doll, medieval monk or a mushroom-head
I leave it to folks to decide what they think about it 
(all in all - I don't mind)

When the thought first came to my mind, I was pacing the streets of Brussels (the first time), playing tourist and getting inspired. Second time, I gave it much more consideration (pardon me for being honest here): on a long and dull plenary session about effective presence on energy market - an event that took a lot of effort to sit on.
As I boarded the airplane, I knew something's got to change - just like I new I needed to revert to being a red-head. But, again, it was ages since I had bangs.. seriously, last photo of me "banging" was back in primary school.. but seeing so many vintage-loving ladies out there sporting the look and looking gorgeous - I went under the scissors.
The result is making me happy.