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Sunday, 30 November 2014

Love Story: Rival!

Hello everybody!

Happy Sunday morning to you all.
I bet you didn't know you can buy cat-food at Farmer's market. Well, you can - if you live over here. And, it's a good thing, since I haven't checked out my supply, and there's no more. In order to keep this house at peace, and prevent cat-riot.. off I go to get a huge bag of it. :)

I will not leave you empty-handed. Quite the contrary - here's a heart-warming love story, with a name that promises a lot.

Take a look:

Ahh.. the happy endings always get me. :)

With this post we say "farewell" to November and welcome the last month of the year, with our arms wide open. Shall we start the countdown to Big Day?

Friday, 28 November 2014

If yanking a chunk of cartilage from your nose will make you smile - go ahead with it.

Hello there.

Less than a stellar day outside, but my hear is warm. :) It's a lovely Friday, my jaw pain is completely gone, I have another dentist apointment next week (hopefully, not an uncomfortable one). Some personal issues are getting sorted out - to my liking. 

I have piled some post on you, my dear friends, these past few weeks. And, I have decided it's high time I give us all a large chunk to swallow. An article. Shall we?

Important note:

Today's post might be a bit overwhelming for some folks, so be warned: we will talk about plastic surgery. If you don't like the topic, feel free to leave at any time (or skip to any other post.. or maybe you'd enjoy reading something about clothes rationing, or about English countryside.. or you may be interested in learning some poise&grace hints?).

Tha pages are large, click on them to see the larger version.

Personaly, I never had an issue with surgery. Have I ever considered it? Once. I have had an idea that my face is too round, and I needed less  flesh on my cheeks. Then, a certain someone I was fond of told me I was "cute" and that went out the window. :) Joke aside, I have never judged folks who have chosen to "go under the knife". It's their life, their money, and their hapiness we're talking about.
So, if cutting back part pf your ears and pulling them to a side will make you happy - slice them. If yanking a chunk of cartilage from your nose will make you smile - go ahead with it. If poking and filling your lips will make you feel good about yourself - poke them and enjoy it.

Your opinions are welcomed. 

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

BURDA Wednesday - September 1956, part I

Hello everybody.

With shorter days, and less sunshine, we caould all use some illumination, and what better way to illuminate our daily lives, than to brightten the day with a healthy dose of fashion magazines? (free of charge, naturally!)

First, a quote from our darling Jane:
It would be mortifying to the feelings of many ladies, could they be made to understand how little the heart of a man is affected by what is costly or new in their attire... Woman is fine for her own satisfaction alone. No man will admire her the more, no woman will like her the better for it. Neatness and fashion are enough for the former, and a something of shabbiness or impropriety will be most endearing to the latter.
― Jane Austen, Northanger Abbey

Let us begin:

Spot the pure perfection:
the colors, the accessiores, the makeup..

"Wnat is interesting"

Nothing speaks "autumn" better than this, 
earthy tone, sleek figure...

Shirt-dresses, new style.
Stronger buttons, high nekcs
new cuts and asymmetry.

If this one was in the shops, 
I would go for it.
...and the hat, too.

"Small fixes for the dresses"
How to make the old dress live again.

Bling them, make them festive!

"The street clothes for autumn is versatile"

What they call "street clothes"
we, nowadays, call "work attire"

Since ladies of today have moved from house to the office, some of the terms have changed. And, this is the best way to prove it. Back in the day this magazine was printed (in West Germany), the housewives were taking their suit out of the dresser, and wore them to the street; wearing them for grocery shopping, taking kids to school, doing chores... But, ladies of today, moved their lives from family-oriented house-dweller (nothing wrong with that, my darling friends, bless you all - you are amazing!), to the office. The ladies moved, and so did their attire.

Funny ad: 1-2-3 of towel usage. :)

"Practical daily dresses"
Quite the utilitarian style, the way I like it.

How to name this?
Something like: Every lady knows: it all starts with a good shapewear.
and ends with a good coat.

"A jacket is essential"

"Wear the raincoat even in sunshine"
They are so well-made, they deserve to be worn all the time

"Models that make you slimmer"

We know now, and they knew it then:
adding a belt and wearing your waist high
does make you taller and slimmer.
So, why opt for low-cut jeans?  :)

"Inside our homes, we dress ourselves
comfortable and casual"

We'll stop here - on the "green page"
Deliberately? Maybe. :)

Have a great day, and shine, my friends!

Monday, 24 November 2014

Domestic life in 1950s Britain captured in the perfectly preserved home

Hello everybody.

Today, I have a real marble of a find. A wonderful, inspiring and picturesque home, in an article about Britain's most celebrated photographer.

Edward Chambré Hardman

Unchanged since the 1950s, this amazing house, once the home of Liverpool's most celebrated photographer, gives a fascinating glimpse into a bygone era.
The Georgian terrace on Rodney Street in Central Liverpool, was owned by Edward Chambré Hardman and his wife Margaret who lived and worked there for 40 years, keeping almost everything and changing very little.

The cramped kitchen of celebrated Liverpudlian photographer 
Edward Chambre Hardman's house 
perfectly preserved in its original 1950's state

Hardman used the house as a portrait studio but his real love was for landscapes. His pictures of the Liverpool docks from the 1940s, 50s and 60s serve as an important historical record of the period.
Using his Rolliflex Camera he captured the HMS Ark Royal being painted white to prepare for its launch from the Cammell Laird shipyard by the former Queen Mother. Other famous works include the old White Star building with White Star cranes at work.

Originally kitchen crockery neatly stacked up 
just as it would have been some 60 years ago

Sugar and other comparative luxuries sit next to 
original ration-packaged goods in the kitchen cabinet 

The spartan bathroom complete 
with period shaving equipment and other toiletries

 1950s dresses belonging to Chambre Hardman's gifted wife Margaret,
 who worked alongside him in the business, 
can be seen in the couple's immaculately preserved bedroom

 The living room

The photographer's mounting desk with his original instruments

 Compared to the cramped kitchen and living quarters, 
the business areas of the home,
 like this studio equipped with an array of lighting and props, 
are spacious and accommodating

 One of the photographer's original 1950s cameras mounted on a tripod

 Chambre Hardman's darkroom

 A selection of darkroom equipment including rolls of original filmstock 
and developing chemicals and 
even a pair of the famed photographer's spectacles

The photographer's office complete with 
bakelite telephone and antique gramophone

There s something so serene about this house. It calm me down, and it radiates human warmth. I hope you can feel it, too.

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Love Story: Waiting at the church

Hello all!

It's Sunday.
I firmly believe everything gets better with a new day - and there is no better way to start a day, that a great and heart-warming love story. So, without further ado, let's get to it!
(I know I need it)


Unfortunately, I'm in a bit of a pain:

Nothing scary, just a toothache.
Nothing my dentist can't fix. :)

Starting my morning with a love story DOES help. I hope your morning is great, and I hope you'll be having an amazing day today!

Friday, 21 November 2014

Dressing up matters. And: matters on dressing up. :)

Hello there.

There's a saying in the world, it's the same in all the regions: "There's more than meets the eye". Yes, there is. But in order to become "more", you have to "please the eye". Meaning: no matter how great of a fella he is, or how amazing girl she might be - we judge people we meet on the basis their appearance. 
Appropriate clothes gives us self-confidence and help us to make good impressions on other people.

The trio looks amazing!

It's another lesson in etiquette, you ask?
Indeed, it is.
We are reading :

"Тhe ladies' book of etiquette, and manual of politeness
by Florence Hartley


"A lady is never so well dressed as when you cannot remember what she wears."
No truer remark than the above was ever made. Such an effect can only be produced where every part of the dress harmonizes entirely with the other parts, where each color or shade suits the wearer's style completely, and where there is perfect neatness in each detail. One glaring color, or conspicuous article, would entirely mar the beauty of such a dress. It is, unfortunately, too much the custom to wear any article, or shape in make, that is fashionable, without any regard to the style of the person purchasing goods. If it is the fashion it must be worn, though it may greatly exaggerate a slight personal defect, or conceal or mar what would otherwise be a beauty. It requires the exercise of some judgment to decide how far an individual may follow the dictates of fashion, in order to avoid the appearance of eccentricity, and yet wear what is peculiarly becoming to her own face or figure. Another fault of our fair countrywomen is their extravagance in dress. No better advice can be given to a young person than to dress always according to her circumstances. She will be more respected with a simple wardrobe, if it is known either that she is dependent upon her own exertions for support, or is saving a husband or father from unnecessary outlay, than if she wore the most costly fabrics, and by so doing incurred debt or burdened her relatives with heavy, unwarrantable expense. If neatness, consistency, and good taste, preside over the wardrobe of a lady, expensive fabrics will not be needed; for with the simplest materials, harmony of color, accurate fitting to the figure, and perfect neatness, she will always appear well dressed.


Neatness — This is the first of all rules to be observed with regard to dress. Perfect cleanliness and careful adjustment of each article in the dress are indispensable in a finished toilet. Let the hair be always smooth and becomingly arranged, each article exquisitely clean, neat collar and sleeves, and tidy shoes and stockings, and the simplest dress will appear well, while a torn or soiled collar, rough hair, or untidy feet will entirely ruin the effect of the most costly and elaborate dress. The many articles required in a lady's wardrobe make a neat arrangement of her drawers and closets necessary, and also require care in selecting and keeping goods in proper order. A fine collar or lace, if tumbled or soiled, will lose its beauty when contrasted with the same article in the coarsest material perfectly pure and smooth. Each article of dress, when taken off, should be placed carefully and smoothly in its proper place. Nice dresses should be hung up by a loop on the inside of the waistband, with the skirts turned inside out, and the body turned inside of the skirt. Cloaks should hang in smooth folds from a loop on the inside of the neck. Shawls should be always folded in the creases in which they were purchased. All fine articles, lace, embroidery, and handkerchiefs, should be placed by themselves in a drawer, always laid out smoothly, and kept from dust. Furs should be kept in a box, alone, and in summer carefully packed, with a quantity of lump camphor to protect from moths. The bonnet should always rest upon a stand in the band-box, as the shape and trimming will both be injured by letting it lie either on the face, sides, or crown.


I don't want to make this overwhelming (as I am aware I have been on and on about this subject, but I do this kinds of post majorly for myself - as a reminder of what I'm striving to).
We'll continue soon.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

BURDA Wednesday - August 1956, part II

Hello everybody.

This morning I woke up to a foggy day. More over, it's one of those times in the year that we all don't enjoy much - yearly health check-up (I am no fan of standing in the line, without having my breakfast taken, to get my blood drawn out).
Now, that's done, and I (more then ever) need a mood-booster. I know no better way of doing so than taking a look at someting beautiful - and today's issue of Burda magazine is just that.

So, let the mood-boosting begin! :)

Making lovely aprons.
Remember the time when hand-made presents were the thing to give?

"Aprons - in new and old form"
I prefer mine old-school
(like the middle one in the precious piture)

Versatile knitting

These are making me green of envy :)
Look at the hearts on the bottom one; so adorable.

Summer dresses
all about color and pattern

Preparing the kids for school?

These images show how serious 
the work of a parent is: the kid
must be at it's best for the first day.

There's something so calming, yet glamurous
in the somlicity of this table-cloth

Burda teaches you how to care for your plants
..but, it also features some amazine tableware. 

Do you like umbrellas?
I do.

Solutions for the areas of your home
that have sloped walls.

The ideas for every room.

The ad in the upper left:
"The beautiful dream" .- to be slim.

"you go to the same office, but.."
Rexona ad - making the difference.


And.. here goes the BRIDES:

"We like it"

It's soup time..
Knorr is the brand that is still there - here. :)
(do not click on the link on an empty stomach!)

Eat you vegetables, my dear friends.

Again - I got swooned away by jewels. 

..and a lovely lady sporting interesing stripes.

I hope this will halp you as much as it helps me. To me, these old magazine pages are therapetic. They calm me down, they inspire me and lift my mood - sky high... oh, that green dress adorned by small hearts.. makes this heart beat to the rhytm of joy.

Have a great mid-week.