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Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Neue Mode, October 1960.

Hello everybody

I haven't forgotten about our "new fashion" magazine, an I do remember it's Wednesday. I'm looking out the window, as the sun is setting down, an the feeling of coming fall is up my nostrils - I can smell it in the air. Now, it's just a hint on a sun-down like this one. In time, it will be a kiss on the cheek by the moist in the morning.
But, for now - it's short sleeves and skirts for me.. and coats & hats for today's fashion post.

Let's give it a look:

Nothing speaks bigger volumes than a fur on top of a collar.

The following pages are all about answering
"Which will be her favorite dress?"

I say, 1960 is giving us a pallete to chose from!

"Nice and elegant in black"

Note the gloves, folks!

These look like designer dresses to me.
I'm falling over them,
but, are they too elegant?

Now, this looks like me, right?

No office-lay would feel ashamed in these pieces.

I'm loving the suit, but the shoes look a tiny bit too much
for my personal taste.

Come on: even kids then 
were looking polished and preppy.

Ladies - this has a high-class feel,
a bit like "Dynasty", ah?  :)

I'll leave this as the last image
Because, it's so flattering

Well, well.. what say you?
It seems there was quite a lot of fashion sense in 1960.
Found any you like?

Monday, 21 August 2017

Let's ask ourselves: "How good is my writing?"

Hello everybody.

It's pretty late (by my standards), but I have been thinking about this little image for a while, so I better get it out and share the thought with you all.

Here's what the school children 
were asked to fill-in back in time?

I'll be answering it, trying to be as objective as possible:
1. Yes, I have been told my writing is acceptable,
2. I try to make it simple, without any elaborate or curvy details,
3. Actually, my letters ten to stand tall and on't slant,
4. All the loops are closed, that is, I prefer to have a lot of circles in my writing,
5. No, I use an archaic variation to Cyrillic "z",
6. To my knowledge, they are.
7. Yes, there is a tail to every one of them,
8. I have never used a circle above the lettering, unless I'm goofing around,
9. The capital letters are bigger than the smaller ones,
10. Only time there's a "no" is when I accidentally "eat" one out of the word,
11. Yes, they are,
12. Alas, no - especially when I scribble on the sofa,
13. Rarely ever, but sometimes I like to clear out all distractions,
14. It came naturally to me,
15. At most times yes, because it hurts otherwise,
16. The sturdier the surface, the better the work, yes,
17. Just like the typewriter machine I do,
18. I have a natural mad-woman kind of a grip, but trying to loosen up,
19. It took the most time perfecting, only "no" in a really messy situation of ultimate hurry,
and 20. For some of the things - YES, it's a second nature.

This quiz is designed to remind children to keep their writing at their best. I fear that it seems to be a bit obsolete lately. Since we write in two letters - Cyrillic an Latin (latter know to most of you as the "alphabet"), it became "too hard" for a regular 14 year old to automatically separate between those two, so last year we hear our Minister of Education encouraging the kids to do the Standard Test the best they could, and promising them that the Test Checkers would not pay attention if they mix the two lettering in a same sentence.
Sorry, what?!
Not being able to distinguish between your lettering is a matter of  failing the year for a 9 year old, or so it was back in the day when writing include full length words, capitalization, using commas and using words longer than five letters. 
(Can you smell me being in flames, here?)
In 2015, British "Guardian" wrote about this, saying "A poll of 1,000 teens by the stationers Bic found that one in 10 don’t own a pen, a third have never written a letter, and half of 13- to 19-year-olds have never been forced to sit down and write a thank you letter. More than 80% have never written a love letter; 56% don’t have letter paper at home" - read the rest here - and just leave a comment about the title of their post (which I o not believe to be true).

Are we letting this go?
Since there is still those of us who LOVE getting letters written in our Pen Pal's handwriting, there is still hope. Vintage fashion and stationery go hand-in-hand, after all.
Am I right?

I'm interested to see your test results.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Neue Mode, September 1960

Hello everybody

I took on extra work (just few hours now an then, doing translation) because the winter is coming, the provisions have to be bought, the repairs need to be done.. and let's just take a look at some nice fashion, because I'm tired.

Shall we?

 Everything: the coat, the bag, the hat, the face
everything is so lovely.
(they call it "sporty", because at those days
this was an every-day wear for most people)

 Moving  on, to slightly different shapes.
Purple, much?

 These muted colors
would most certainly fit in every office space, right?

 Evening pieces, in bolder colors and cut.

 Now, now..
this is the POSH side of life.
These are, I'd suppose, made to be worn to what we call a "date night"
or a classy business dinner.

 "One cut, two blouses"
Utilize the pattern, that's the way to save on time.

 Amazing pattern combination.

 Going out and about in the outdoors would not be a trouble
if one had this coat, right?

 For the ladies who have aged graciously 
this page features some contemporary designs
("contemporary" for those days!)  :)

 To the great outdoors!
Never without style.

 Young and trendy
dresses for those dance-nights
(alas, mine were quite different at the time when I was a teen)

 The conservative in me tells me
these are looking so suitable.

 Give your knitting some color-blast!

 Kids in style

 More kids - more style.

These two "new cuts"
are showing the changes in colors and patterns.
We are entering the age of new design.

Any favorites?

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Neue Mode magazine - August 1960

Hello Everybody

Shoot - it's Thursday!  :)

I had to leave you with no comments under pictures, because it would take me more time than I have to make them.. and it would be some time Friday that I would publish.. so, there we have it: a mute post. :D